Monday, April 6, 2009


Well I went to the dentist today. It went ok. It took less than an hour and all they had to do was put on my permanent crown. Last Monday was way more agonizing. I didn't even need a shot this time. The Dentist tech. (I wanted to type Vet tech for some reason lol) accidentally stabbed me with this pointy tool and pinched my gums weird but after that it was fine. I was so glad to go home. :)

I watched some of Tascha's videos to inspire me. I am trying to decide what to paint now. I'm hoping it looks ok so I don't get discouraged right away. I did a bunch more sketches. I liked them.
Wim was amused by the cheesecake video. He wants to make that now. :) He works in a bakery so he eats cheesecake almost everyday anyway. The 1/3 part made me smile since I am so bad with numbers.

Wim is still in pain from jogging.


  1. I have to go back to the dentist to get a tooth filled. It has a cracked filling :(
    I keep putting off calling and making an appointment bc I tend to pass out around needles.

  2. Ohhh the dentist! I have quite a few dentist stories myself. More than any one person should actually :(
    I'm happy to hear you are starting your artwork. Sometimes when I am getting ready to start painting I like to do some small little paintings or drawings ACEO size. That way if it doesn't work out it isn't a big deal because it is so small.

  3. I hope you are painting. Every artist's soul needs creation time.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog about the Dalmatian Meadow painting. I've answered your question and added a PayPal button to the body of the blog post.